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29 Apr, 24
01 Jun, 24
Open Calls

Dubai Culture launches the open call for the ‘Narratives of Belonging’ Exhibition

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Dubai Culture has launched the open call to participate in the ‘Narratives of Belonging’ exhibition, which aims to celebrate professional Emirati artists and their achievements, discover talent in all fields of arts and culture, and support and motivate them to continue their creative passion and expand the scope of their participation in enriching the local art scene.

Dubai Culture seeks to highlight the importance of sustainable practices in the culture and arts sector and invites all established and emerging Emirati artists, practitioners, and designers to participate with their works in the arts of visual arts, drawing, sculpture, photography, design, calligraphy, and mixed media, provided that they express the concepts of storytelling in the arts and collective narratives, cultural heritage and exploration of traditions, values and identity, in addition to their creative and visual experiences that embody their ideas, visions, artistic trends, and their own stories.

The Authority will receive applications for participation from 29 April to 1 June, after which a specialised committee comprising experts, artists, and practitioners will evaluate the artworks to determine eligibility for participation in the upcoming exhibition, which will take place at Al Safa Art and Design Library.

To participate, click here

Registration closes in 9 days

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